Our team

     Two senior researchers and a CNRS engineer decided to pool their scientific and technical skills to create a platform dedicated to the synthesis of high-purity fluoride materials.

 –  Alain Demourgues, CNRS Research Director

Scientific director of Fluom@t plastform

Solid State Chemistry, Fluorides/Oxides/Mixed Anions (O,OH,F,S), Inorganic Synthesis, Rare-Earth/Transition Metals, Redox/Optical/Electronic/Ionic Mobility Properties


 – Étienne Durand, CNRS research Engineer

Technical director of Fluom@t platform

Fluorination with liquid (HFaq..) and gas (elemental Fluorine, anhydrous HF,CxFy...), synthesis and tools processing, TGA analysis coupled with MS/FTIR,TGA under elemental fluorine


Alain Tressaud, CNRS Emeritus Research Director , member of European Academy of Sciences,

Moissan Price laureate 2012

Solid state fluoride chemistry (Magnetism, Fluorine-induced superconductivity, Functionalized inorganic nanofluorides) / Modification of properties of materials by surface treatments using rf-plasma enhanced fluorination / Graphite intercalation compounds and fluorinated carbons