Quality Control

Sinthesized materials requiring special precautions, especially those that are hygroscopic, can be stored in an ultra-dry glove box and packaged in an inert atmosphere.

The materials are controlled and characterized by several physical-chemical methods adapted to the final product and specifications. An accurate determination of the impurities can be proposed:

– Elemental analysis: chemical analyses, ICP ….

Fluorine analysis by the Seel method; Fluoride specific electrode

– Control of the structure (XRD) and morphology (SEM, TEM …)

              XRD and microscopy analysis of the HTB Al nano-hydroxyfluoride

 – Thermal stability by thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA / DTA), coupled by mass spectroscopy (MS) and / or infra-red (FTIR)

Analyse thermogravimétrique avec double couplage: ATG – MS – FTIR

– Spectroscopic methods: NMR, ESR, Mossbaüer, optical measurements (UV-VIS, FTIR, Raman), to evaluate the amount of doping active species;

– Other physical-chemical methods: magnetic, electronic or ionic conductivity, and any other relevant technique could complete this panel.