Fluom@t  is a technological platform supported by CNRS and housed in the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux (ICMCB – CNRS), located on the campus of the University of Bordeaux in Pessac. The platform proposes the preparation of high purity fluorinated and oxy-fluorinated inorganic solids for academic or industrial partners.
These materials exhibit fields of applicability in many sectors: batteries and energy, photonics, laser components, nuclear energy, heterogeneous catalysis. The syntheses of such materials require a special mastery linked to the handling of fluorinated gases and liquids, such as F2, anhydrous HF, CF4, c-C4F8, etc. The skills demonstrated in these domains for many years by the “Fluorine Chemistry Pole” of ICMCB-CNRS have enabled the Fluom@t platform to arise, thus allowing to bring answers to the problems encountered in the preparation of these materials.

Today, Fluom@t is able to propose the synthesis of fluorinated and oxyfluorinated inorganic solids of controlled sizes (nano and micro) and high purities, in quantities ranging from a few hundred g to a few kg, depending on the final products and their specifications. The platform takes advantages from an optimal scientific environment to ensure an exceptional characterization of the products which is carried out by the most appropriate physical-chemical methods (DRX, optical measurements, ICP –MS, etc …).
It should be noted that the “Fluorine chemistry Pole” is part of the ” CNRS French Fluorine Network ” and as such as access to information networked by all other French groups (Academic, Industry).