Our expertise

The platform benefits from the skills of the groups and techniques present at ICMCB-CNRS, in particular for everything relative to the techniques of synthesis and characterizations of fluorinated materials.
For any need in high purity inorganic fluorides and oxide-fluorides, Fluom@t offers the possibility of synthesis according to the procedures available in the literature, but can also adapt to more specific requests, according to accurate specifications.
     Fluom@t offers custom syntheses of most solid fluorides and oxide-fluorides of transition elements, rare-earth elements and elements IIIA, IVA, VA, also of doped alkaline or alkaline earth fluorides.
In each case, the most appropriate synthetic routes will be implemented.


Aqueous routes :

– By precipitation in hydrofluoric acid medium in aqueous solution or in pH-controlled NH4HF medium

– By hydrothermal routes

          Autoclave 5L

Sol-gel routes:

In an alcoholic medium or using another polar or non-polar organic solvent, protic or aprotic (hexane, acetonitrile, …with specific amount of aqueous HF (40%) or ionic liquids,addition of acetates or alkoxides of metallic elements, then formation of a sol or gel.

– By fluoro-solvo-thermal routes

Assisted by microwave heating, this route has been developed for more than 10 years. Well mastered, it gives access to pure materials of nanometric size and high surface area in record time!

                       microwave synthesis: HF 40%, Pmax: 50bars, Tmax: 200°C

Gaseous routes :

– Fluorination using all kinds of available fluorinated gases, adapted to the type of considered product, more especially anhydrous HF (aHF) and F2 pure or diluted in an inert gas.



Pure or diluted fluorine gas line (P = 1 up to 10bar, T = 25 up to 400 ° C.)

    Induction furnace for fluorination under aHF or CF4 (T = 25 up to 1100 ° C)

                 In addition, an unique set of TGA under a fluorine atmosphere implemented in our laboratories offers the possibility to follow the behavior of any sample in the presence of a fluorinated gas.


               TGA under elemental fluorine

– Radio frequency fluorinated plasmas: surface modification of various materials or substrates by room-temperature rf plasma treatments under fluorinated atmospheres (CF4, c-C4F8 …),

Surface treatment equipment